Watsons Bay Memorial Gardens

With views over the harbour and the Watsons Bay heritage precinct, the Gardens offer a picturesque and peaceful place to honour those laid to rest.

Visiting the Gardens
The Gardens of Remembrance are situated at the northern end of our parklike grounds, and can be found by following the signposted path leading down from the St Peter's heritage church-building. The Gardens are open all year during daylight hours, with free parking available on-site. 
The Gardens are open to all — no religious affiliation is required visit or for a loved one to be interred in the gardens. Yet for those who need a listening ear and someone to talk or pray with, ministers are available to spend some time with you.

Preparing to Lay Loved Ones to Rest

The Gardens first opened in 1963 and have been progressively added to as part of their long-term maintenance. The niche-walls frame five discreet gardens, with several other recesses to suit a variety of needs and preferences. The Gardens are maintained in superb condition throughout the year.


Niches are available to inter ashes or simply to provide a plaque in memorial. Many people often choose to reserve a niche for themselves and/or other family members ahead of time: these are reserved via prepayment. Plaques are acquired separately when they are needed, and can be configured in consultation with our office administrator to encompass adjacent family lots.

Our ministry team offers a simple and dignified interment service on request. 

For More Information


You can discover more information by downloading the brochure and niche agreement below. You can of course visit the Gardens yourself at any time. Nevertheless, the selection of niches is best arranged by appointment with our office administrator, who will be able to discuss your needs and preferences, and indicate which niches are available for use or reservation.


You can contact our administrator by calling 02 9337 6545;

alternatively, you can email office@watsonsbayanglican.net or send an email via the contact link below.

Gardens of Remembrance Agreement